1. Paul & Mary

    “We chose Inglis because of the size of our property.  Terry Gordon was fantastic, so efficient, helpful and always kept us informed.  Our family have known Terry for a long time and he has done an EXCELLENT job.  Thank you Terry”

  2. Warren

    We chose Inglis and Terry Gordon because of his good reputation for many years

  3. Joanne

    We were extremely satisfied with the help we received from Belinda.  It made the process much less stressful, especially when we had to make fast decisions.  She gave us confidence in our purchase.

  4. Marek

    Suzanna worked so hard to complete the sale.  I appreciate and fully recognise the effort you have put into this

  5. Samuel

    Colin was very knowledgeable, very personable, very professional and very helpful in all aspects. Nothing was ever a problem. It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional real estate agent

  6. Joe

    Colin Pike is an old school professional, gave the facts straight away, very knowledgeable about outgoings, size and inclusions; what came with it what didn’t, terms and conditions etc.  Felt like I was in good hands from the moment of introduction.

  7. J Booth

    Your kindness Suzanna is very much appreciated, meant from the heart.

  8. M Christesa, D Coronno & Lois Aldeas


    Just a note to say thank you for all you have done, and all the effort you have put in to secure the sale of Mum & Dad’s home.

  9. H & H Hicks

    Thankyou Suzanna! We suspect you have worked beyond the call.

  10. Myfanwy & Daniel

    Suzanna, your help in the negotiations, tenant management and access to the property were all brilliantly done. Thank you for helping us find our new home